March – A Video Portrait

The theme for this month’s video with the *amazing* group of women I am working on the 24 Frames project with is “Video Portrait.” I had originally envisioned something like the pictures hanging on walls in Harry Potter books where the subject wasn’t necessarily doing much other than existing in front of the camera. But then I decided that I wanted to try and capture what Elisabeth is like at twelve years old. We picked three of her favorite activities – flute, soccer, and reading – and went with it. As I worked on the videos, I really enjoyed taking in the smaller details of Elisabeth – her fingers, her smile, how she moves. Also this month, I learned how to use Adobe Premiere Pro. And by “learned how to use,” I mean I learned the very very very basics. I think it might have more functionality than Photoshop!

Here’s my video. Make sure to scroll down and click on the link to my friend Sonia’s amazingly artistic video portrait (seriously, its beautiful).

Continue the blog circle to see Sonia’s beautiful work here:


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